Transitional council established in Haiti as US ends evacuation flights

by Renata

Haiti’s transitional council tasked with choosing the next prime minister was established on Friday even as the country remains under the control of gangs.

The Caribbean trade union that formed the council called it a “new beginning for Haiti.”

Rampant gang violence shut down the Caribbean nation’s government earlier this year. The flashpoint came as Prime Minister Ariel Henry worked to establish a national police force.

However, a new statement says the prime minister will not formally resign until his successor is named. He pledged last month to hand over power once the council was established. But there’s no clear timeline in place for picking a new prime minister or cabinet.

Meanwhile, the violence continues. The U.N. warns that nearly 100,000 people have fled Port-au-Prince over the last month.

This comes as the U.S. sent its final flight to Haiti this weekend. A State Department email warned Americans that there would be no more charter flights after April 12.