Trump beats Biden on TikTok with almost 5 million followers in 2 days

by ian

Former President Donald Trump now has a TikTok account and it’s growing rapidly.

As of this report, Trump has amassed almost 5 million followers in just two days. He has one introduction video featuring him alongside UFC CEO Dana White.

The video currently has 78 million views and about 5 million likes. Most of the comments Trump received were overwhelmingly positive.

This means Trump’s new TikTok account towers over the Biden-Harris account. The duo launched their account in February and still have only about 350,000 followers. The comments on their posts are also overwhelmingly negative.

As Trump tries to win the favor of younger voters, he is using Biden’s bipartisan TikTok ban efforts against him. He said young people should know that it’s “crooked Joe Biden” trying to ban the social media platform.