Trump, Biden making preparations for upcoming CNN debate

by ian

The first presidential debate of this election cycle is almost here – so how are the candidates preparing for it?

According to reports, President Joe Biden’s team is working with him at Camp David on preparing for the debate. While details of the Biden strategy have been scant, his team has indicated that Biden will be aggressive and lean into the “convicted felon” rhetoric regarding Trump.

Biden’s team seems to understand that he cannot be perceived as an underwhelming debate opponent, and is trying to avoid that outcome.

Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, is taking a different path. Whereas in the past Trump and other Republican strategists cast Biden as being unable to keep up in a debate, Trump now seems to be flipping the script and overselling Biden’s debate ability. During an interview with “The All-In Podcast,” Trump said he expects Biden to “be a worthy debater.”

This strategy was expounded upon further by New York Times Senior Political Correspondent Maggie Haberman, who said that Trump’s prep is more focused on explaining policies rather than debating Biden.

While the Trump team’s play could work out for this debate, there is speculation that Trump’s actual competition may be from the network hosting it. Trump and CNN did not get along during his presidency, and they continue to butt heads.

Some expect this behavior to continue during the debate, especially given a recent interview between CNN anchor Kasie Hunt and Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt. Leavitt was abruptly pulled from the air in the middle of an interview when she said that CNN would be hostile toward Trump.

Later on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Leavitt doubled down on her statements regarding Jake Tapper and CNN.