Trump civil fraud case enters 2nd day

by ian

The second day of the Trump Organization civil trial took place in New York on Tuesday. It’s a case that could last for months.

Monday, state prosecutors laid out their case, accusing the Trump business of overvaluing its assets to get better deals with banks and insurers. Trump’s lawyers maintain the company’s practices were legal.

This comes as the judge has already found the Trump organization liable for inflating its asset value.

Later in the day, Trump slammed the judge for already making up his mind while also ridiculing New York Attorney General Letitia James for bringing the case in the first place.

But it wasn’t all bad for the former president. The Judge called lengthy testimony about events before 2014 a “waste of time” as they are beyond the statute of limitations.

The trial poses the biggest risk to Trump’s business to date. Should he lose, not only will he have to pay a $250 million fine, he could be stripped of his New York businesses. That would be a devastating blow to the former president.