Trump protester dies after setting himself on fire in New York

by ian

A Trump protester died this weekend after lighting himself on fire outside the New York courthouse where the criminal trial for the former president is being held.

Max Azzarello carried a sign outside on Friday that read, “Trump is with Biden and they’re about to fascist coup us.” The left-wing conspiracy theorist believed that politicians and elites from across the board funneled trillions of dollars of stolen money through the stock market.

He felt that self-immolation was necessary to draw attention to his discoveries, which he claims to have made while working for Democratic politicians. Fire responders acted immediately to douse the flames, but the 37-year-old tragically passed from his burns hours later.

His 3,000-page manifesto and death have sparked additional conspiracy theories. Others are now calling for the courthouse to be blocked off for the remainder of the Trump trial.