Trump sees multiple 14th Amendment challenges to candidacy

by ian

Former President Donald Trump spent his Christmas break continuing to battle the 14th Amendment challenges to his 2024 White House push.

Most recently, on Thursday, Trump was blocked from appearing on Maine’s 2024 primary ballot. Maine’s Secretary of State said that Trump was disqualified from the ballot for threatening the peaceful transition of power on Jan. 6, 2021.

Maine becomes the second state, following Colorado, to make this decision. However, it seems as though the Colorado decision is on hold at the moment.

On Wednesday of last week, the Colorado Republican Party filed an appeal of a state judge’s decision to bar Trump from the primary ballot. Part of this appeal will stay that decision until Jan. 4, the day before the state’s primary ballots are due at the printer.

Other states have seen similar challenges that have been rejected. Michigan recently became the seventh state to dismiss a 14th Amendment-based challenge aimed at removing Trump.