Trump sits down with Megyn Kelly for hour-long interview

by ian


Former President Donald Trump recently sat down with former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to respond to some pressing questions about his candidacy for 2024.

Probably the biggest topic revolved around a simple question: why is Trump running for office again in 2024?

Trump also took the opportunity to bash his opponents on both sides of the aisle. He remarked on President Joe Biden’s “incompetence” for office but fought back against the idea that Trump, now 77, is “too old” to do it.

Trump also took more shots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Multiple times throughout the interview, Trump talked about how he is polling above all other Republican candidates. But he would take special aim at DeSantis when he claimed that the Florida governor was an avid fan of notorious health official Dr. Anthony Fauci at first.

Kelly, however, also confronted Trump with the reality that he granted Fauci a presidential commendation. Trump did assign numerous commendations to people the day before he left office, and Fauci was among the recipients.

Trump’s claims seem to have caught the attention of DeSantis. In an interview on the Steve Deace Show, DeSantis flipped the script and said Trump was the one who backed Fauci. He called Trump’s comments “totally false” and said it was “pathetic” to listen to.

Trump’s interview with Kelly also had some other notable moments.

On a cultural note, he opposed the wider transgender push against children with puberty blockers and hormones. He also affirmed that he would testify in all of the cases brought against him and said he does not see himself participating in any future primary debates.