Trump speaks on indictments, abortion to ‘Meet the Press’

by ian

Former President Donald Trump is causing quite a stir following his recent appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” His interview with host Kristen Welker touched on many topics, but his response to a question on abortion resulted in strong blowback from the pro-life community.

The interview later turned to the issue of his ongoing legal cases, with Welker asking Trump if he feared going to prison.

Two of his cases are related to Trump’s alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. During the interview, Trump maintained his claims the election was stolen, while also taking full ownership of his beliefs.

His comment could undermine one of his possible legal defenses, which is that he relied on the advice of his lawyers in challenging the election.

Conversely, those remarks could also serve to bolster his defense that he genuinely believed the election was stolen, possibly countering Special Council Jack Smith’s charge that Trump made “knowingly false” claims about the election.