Trump speaks on possibility of going to jail

by ian

With the threat of jail looming over the former president’s head, it’s normal to wonder if Donald Trump is stressing about the possibility.

That’s exactly what “Fox & Friends” asked the president in an interview that aired over this weekend. Trump replied, saying he was not concerned for himself but for “the public.”

Interestingly enough, Trump’s comments came out simultaneously with a slew of related polling over the weekend. According to results from Morning Consult, 54% of Americans approve of the conviction on 34 felony charges, and 49% of independent voters and 15% of Republican voters even suggested that Trump should end his presidential campaign as a result.

But at the same time, roughly half of polled voters do not think he should go to jail. The verdict has also left a bad taste in the mouth of some voters, particularly Republicans, who say that they trust the court system less following this case.

The legal team representing the former president has also been speaking out about some aspects of the case. Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, told CNN last week that he and Trump were both “surprised” by the jury’s rather quick decision-making on the case.

Blanche also commented on the possibility that Trump receives jail time. Blanche said that he doesn’t know if prosecutors will seek such a sentence, but he quoted precedent in saying that Trump should “never face a jail sentence based on this conduct.”