Trump unable to secure $454 million bond for NY civil judgment

by ian

It looks like Donald Trump has found himself in a tough spot. Yesterday, the former president’s attorneys said he’s been unable to secure the $454 million bond needed for his civil fraud judgment in New York.

Trump has until next week to get the money, which his lawyers say has become “a practical impossibility.” Last month, Trump offered to pay $100 million instead of the full amount while he appealed the case, but his request was denied.

Since then, his attorneys have approached 30 surety companies through four separate brokers and spent “countless hours negotiating with one of the largest insurance companies in the world,” but with no results. Trump is now asking an appeals panel if he can avoid posting bond while he challenges the case.

Should they refuse, New York AG Letitia James could start seizing Trump’s properties as soon as the 25th.