Trump’s polling advantage skyrockets following indictment

by mcardinal

The indictment of former President Donald Trump has led to his popularity skyrocketing on the right. Those in his base have labeled the trial a politicized witch hunt and have rallied behind Trump both vocally and financially. 

According to a recent Yahoo! News YouGov survey, Trump has widened his lead over his closest challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after news broke on Thursday that the New York grand jury had returned the indictment. 

Of those polled, 57 percent said they intended to vote for Trump compared to 31 percent who would vote for DeSantis in a hypothetical primary showdown. The split last month was 47-to-39 percent in favor of Trump. 

“I have never had so much support and love as I do now against the Radical Left Insurrectionists, Extortionists, Crooked Politicians and Thugs that are destroying our Country,” Trump posted on Truth Social. “Thank you, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

The Yahoo! Results are similar to those indicated by polls from both Quinnipiac University and Marist. 

Trump has also continued to reap the financial rewards of an inspired voter base.

Over the weekend, the Trump campaign brought in another $1 million in donations, bringing the former president’s post-indictment fundraising effort to $5 million, $4 million of which came within the first 24 hours of the announcement of the indictment. 

However, for all the positives Trump is experiencing, one glaring issue persists in his effort to retake the White House.  

The Yahoo! poll, like Quinnipiac and Marist before it, indicated Trump continues to trail President Joe Biden in a hypothetical general election. Biden holds a 45-to-43 percent edge on Trump in the Yahoo! results, with 9% of respondents indicating they were unsure and 3% vowing to not vote if the choice was between these two men.