U.S. Christian leaders urge prayer for Israel

by ian


In light of the unprecedented attacks by Hamas, Christian leaders are urging believers everywhere to ask God to intercede on behalf of Israel.

Pastor Robert J. Pacienza, Founder of the Institute for Faith and Culture, called on all Americans to pray for Israel, saying, “Democracy and principled freedom in Israel, throughout the Middle East, and the world are at risk because of these efforts.”

The Rev. Johnnie Moore of the Congress of Christian Leaders said that the group is coordinating with churches from all over the world to stand with Israel and dedicate times of prayer for the nation.

Roytman Dratwa, CEO of the Combat Antisemitism Movement, is calling on “leaders across the globe to be swift and unequivocal in condemning the evil actions of Palestinian terrorist groups.” He says the only moral choice at this moment is to stand resolutely with Israel.