U.S. gives thousands of seized Iranian rifles and ammo to Ukraine

by ian

The U.S. is giving thousands of Iranian weapons and ammunition to Ukraine as they defend against Russia’s invasion.

The shipment includes over 5,000 rifles and RPGs and 500,000 founds of 7.62mm ammunition. According to Central Command, the armaments were all seized en route to Yemen’s Houthi rebels. They were taken in four separate incidents between May 2021 and February of last year.

CENTCOM states the material sent is enough to equip 4,000 troops, a whole brigade. They add that the Iranian arms trade with militant groups threatens international and regional security.

It’s now the second time that the Biden administration has supplied Ukraine with Tehran’s equipment. They transferred over 1 million rounds of ammo in October.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Sunday that the U.S. needs to approve a new aid package or else the nation will soon fall to Russia.