U.S. politicians encourage action on Israel crisis

by ian

The war in Israel and Gaza is a key talking point in U.S. politics, as the men and women in Congress look to take action.

One of the biggest complaints revolving around the U.S. government is how to handle Iran. Accusations have been levied that the Muslim nation might have funded the terrorist attacks from Hamas.

The Biden administration on Tuesday said that Iran is “complicit” in the attacks for funding Hamas, though there is no direct evidence linking them to these recent attacks as of yet.

But even before this news, U.S. Senators were looking to prevent Iran from receiving even more funds. A letter cosigned by 20 U.S. Senators and addressed to President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken requests a freeze on a $6 billion transfer to Iran.

This transfer was initiated as part of a prisoner swap and is supposed to be used only in humanitarian aid. But the Senators worry it could be used for more.

The letter reads:

Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, and Wall Street Journal reported that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps worked with Hamas to plan the ongoing attacks on Israel. …There is a significant risk [these funds] could be used to further efforts by Iran or Hamas against Israel.

The letter calls for the State Department to rescind the approval for the transfer of this funding.

House Representatives are looking to bring American citizens out of harm’s way. Another letter was sent to Blinken this week by a bipartisan group of 140 representatives urging the State Department to protect its own.

The letter reads:

While we appreciate the steps the Biden administration is taking to provide additional security assistance to Israel, we urge the State Department to use all resources at its disposal, including charter flights, to help those Americans that remain in Israel and wish to return to the United States.

U.S. lawmakers are also making sure to highlight how the war in Israel places greater importance on securing the U.S. border.

This effort has been spearheaded lately by House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green (R-Tenn.) and by Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas), who chairs the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence, Counterterrorism, and Law Enforcement.

Green remarked, “The horrific and cowardly attacks on our indispensable ally Israel are a sober reminder that we cannot take our own homeland security for granted.”

Pfluger said that Biden needed to, “Recognize the fact that his failure to secure our border is putting American citizens at risk.”

This comes as CBP data reveals thousands of aliens entered the U.S. from countries of origin linked to terrorism in some manner.