U.S. readies charter flights to rescue Americans in Israel

by ian

Almost a week into the Israeli conflict, the U.S. is preparing evacuation flights for Americans in Israel as commercial airlines have shut down due to security concerns.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby made the announcement Thursday. In addition to flights, Kirby says the U.S. is exploring various options to get Americans out of the region.

Kirby also revealed the number of American deaths has risen to 27.

Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is also taking action by signing an executive order authorizing charter flights to bring Florida residents home. He estimates roughly 20,000 Americans are trapped in the country.

DeSantis made the announcement on X Thursday saying, “To the many Floridians who are stuck in Israel, trying to get home — help is on the way.”

Like his counterparts in the Northeast, DeSantis also ordered heightened security and additional law enforcement presence around locations like Jewish schools.

“Gov. DeSantis ordered state troopers to assist in protecting Jewish schools in Florida,” conservative pundit and attorney Marina Medvin tweeted. “A friend from FL just sent this to me. They felt very grateful and safe when they dropped their kids off at school and wanted to thank @RonDeSantis. Both state troopers and local LE were protecting the school.”

DeSantis responded to Medvin with, “We will not allow terrorists to prevent Floridians from going about their daily lives or exercising their freedom to worship. FHP and FDLE will continue providing increased security, and I expect universities to fully enforce all antisemitism laws on campus.”