U.S. Troops Complete Afghanistan Withdrawal, Officials Confirm Some Americans Remain

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


After a 20 year presence in Afghanistan the last U.S. warplane left the country late Monday night, effectively ending the longest war in American history. In a briefing announcing the full withdrawal, General McKenzie acknowledged that they did not get everyone out that they wanted to.

General McKenzie said that there were citizens ranging in the “very low hundreds” that he believes they were not able to get out of the country. Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed between 100 and 200 Americans seeking evacuation remained in the country, not to mention green card holders. He did not specify how many green card holders and Afghan allies remain, but Blinken did say that around 6,000 “self-identified” Americans have left Afghanistan.

The botched evacuation brings to mind the promise that President Biden made during his interview with George Stephanapolous of keeping all American troops in the nation until all Americans are out, in the President’s own words.

US officials say that they will continue to negotiate with the Taliban to get the remaining Americans and Afghan allies out of the country. Recently a joint address signed by close to 100 nations announced that the Taliban agreed to allow citizens with “travel authorization” to leave Afghanistan.

Shortly after the final plane left, images and videos of the Taliban taking the airport circulated on social media. The Taliban celebrated by setting off fireworks and firing their weapons into the air. Even reports of “mock funerals” for U.S., British, French and NATO forces were held as these nations withdrew from Afghanistan.