UK elections result in big win for Labour Party

by ian

England elected its new prime minister.

The Labour Party scored a landslide victory in Parliament, making centre-left leader Keir Starmer the new prime minister. He replaced Conservative Party leader Rishi Sunak. Labour’s victory comes after 14 years of conservative rule in parliament.

Now, despite 80% of British voters not voting for Starmer, the prime minister reassured citizens that he would be of service to all.

Starmer added that he’s committed to putting “country first, party second.” Currently, the Labour Party holds 412 seats in parliament, while the conservative party has sunk to an all-time low of 121 seats.

According to CNBC, conservatives lost votes to the right-wing populist party called the Reform UK Party. Nigel Farage, long popular among conservative American audiences, serves as leader of Reform UK.