Ukrainian Christians prepare for Russian invasion with prayer

by Seth Udinski

Seth Udinski, FISM News


As the world awaits an immanent Russian invasion into Ukraine, Christians in the region are uniting to go before the Lord in prayer on behalf of their nation.

Pastor Kyzmenko Dmytro of New Generation Church in Lviv said in a recent interview with CBN News,

People are worried but we encourage them to look to Jesus with all of our might because it’s only through prayer that we can keep peace in our country.

Reports indicate that Ukrainian Christians are a target of persecution from both Russian supporters in the region and pro-Russia Ukrainians.

One anonymous pastor spoke of the plight facing Urkanian Christians, while also affirming the confidence of these believers in the victory of the church in Jesus Christ.

They are forbidden from having church meetings together, but they still do it, secretly, and I think this is what will happen if Russia invades, but the truth is that it is impossible to stop the church of Jesus Christ.

Believers in the United States must now join with those in Ukraine in praying for God’s hand of protection over the region as it faces a threat from an evil and powerful enemy.

We at FISM News will keep a close watch on the situation in Ukraine, and we will also pray with these believers. We ask you to join us in asking for God’s hand of protection over the church in Ukraine.