UN General Assembly backs Palestinian bid for membership

by ian

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly backed a Palestinian bid to become a full U.N. member.

The General Assembly gathered today to vote on a resolution that will give the Palestinian state new rights and full membership in the eyes of the UN. Such a draft is supported by a large majority of current members, as 143 members voted in favor.

But nine nations voted against the resolution, including the U.S., which had opposed a similar resolution in April of this year during a Security Council vote. The U.S. is doubling down on its position, with Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood saying that the Biden administration opposes this new resolution as well.

When the U.S. vetoed Palestinian membership back in April, Deputy Ambassador Wood said that it was the wrong move on the UN’s part and instead called for direct talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

The now-approved resolution means that membership of Palestine will be resubmitted to the Security Council, where the U.S. will likely again veto the measure.

As one of the five permanent members of the Security Council, the United States, like China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom, can veto any resolution.