United Arab Emirates Formally Opens Israeli Embassy

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday formally welcomed and opened an Israeli embassy in a move that further normalizes ties between the two nations as brokered under the Trump-era Abraham Accords. The Accords were signed in September by the UAE, Israel, and Bahrain with the intention to normalize relations between the three nations. Soon afterwards, Morocco and Sudan signed on to the Accords as well.

The embassy inauguration was attended by UAE Ambassador to Israel Mohamed Al Khajah and Israel’s newly sworn-in President Isaac Herzog. Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s former president, handed the reigns over to Herzog on July 7 after he was duly elected to the position by Israel’s Knesset.


Reflecting on the importance of the embassy’s establishment in his nation Khajah said, “It marks a new paradigm for peace and a model for a new collaborative approach for conflict resolution.” Herzog gave recognition to the UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Israel’s former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for making the historic event possible.