United Methodist pastor who performed in drag fired from his position

by Seth Udinski
United Methodist pastor who performed in drag fired from his position

Seth Udinski, FISM News


FISM News reported several weeks ago on a disturbing development involving a pastor who danced in drag as a guest on HBO’s television show We’re Here. Craig Duke, pastor of Newburgh United Methodist Church in Indiana, appeared on the show and called it “an incredibly wonderful, refreshing, deepening, powerful spiritual experience.”

This past week, sources revealed that Duke has been fired from his position. Many in his congregation were outraged at the pastor’s firing, believing he should be hailed as a hero and martyr for the LGBTQ community, which includes his pansexual daughter. Members created a GoFundMe to raise money for the pastor in response, already nearing their $30,000 goal.

Others in his congregation, including the leadership team, however, felt it necessary to remove him in light of his open and blatant support for the licentious behavior of drag. Those who hold to biblical truth view his behavior as completely unbecoming and inappropriate of a man who claims to follow Christ, specifically one who is charged with shepherding the people of God.

In light of the UMC’s highly publicized stalemate over the question of biblical marriage and sexuality, this is a telling development. Certainly, it is very difficult whenever a pastor must step down from ministry, but when this happens for the protection of the flock of God because the pastor has publicly betrayed the teaching of scripture without repentance, it is worthy of commendation.

The denomination is holding onto biblical orthodoxy by a thread, and it is likely the United Methodist Church will fracture within the next several years, so any victory in the fight for biblical truth is vital.