Unveiled videos show doctors pushing limits on gender treatments to minors

by ian

Video footage of “informational” talks unveiled by the Daily Caller News Foundation reveals some shocking statements made by members of a group of health professionals about gender-based treatments.

The group in question is the World Professional Association for Transgender Health – or WPATH. This group is influential in medical circles in providing guidelines on transgender treatments.

But these videos show some of the members and other professionals suggesting measures beyond their guidelines and making some rather shocking admissions.

For example, some of these doctors say that minors and people with psychosis can consent to such treatment – even laying out ways to convince them to go through with it.

Sadly, though predictably and logically, these same doctors also admit that there is not a full “reversal” for some of these procedures when it comes to minors specifically – despite claims to the contrary.

They also unveiled some rather disturbing information on the consequences that treatments like double mastectomies and genital surgeries can have. But it is still presented as an exciting endeavor. One plastic surgeon who performs sex change surgery on young individuals referred to the process as an “adventure.”

But perhaps it is too much of an “adventure,” as the group also acknowledged the “unknown” factor of this field – and the likely possibility of regret.

The panel also discussed how to work around states and individuals that are not on board with these treatments – essentially saying to fight to their last breath in allowing kids to undergo this mutilation.

The panel also held discussions on transgender terminology, deconstructing the binary nature of sex, and other topics related to this issue. Perhaps this is needless to say, but such discussions are sure to be of concern to parents whose children may be confused about this issue.

The entire list of videos can be found on the Daily Caller website.