UPDATE – Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested again

by Seth Udinski
UPDATE – Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested again

Seth Udinski, FISM News



FISM News has followed Pastor Artur Pawloski and his firm stance against COVID-19 lockdowns. Last week, Pawlowski made headlines again.

In April, the Polish-born pastor kicked health officials out of his church, and then was subsequently arrested for violating COVID-19 protocols in May. Last week, the pastor was put in handcuffs again, this time at an airport in Calgary.

Pawlowski was returning home after speaking in the United States on the impending tyranny of current COVID-19 lockdown measures. He had not yet gotten to see his wife and children when he was arrested almost immediately upon exiting his plane.

Pawloski was later released, but the message sent by Canadian state officials was clear. The pastor, who lived through Soviet tyranny behind the Iron Curtain in the twentieth century, spoke later on in an interview, saying,

What they’re doing today is identical to what I remember growing up. I was handcuffed like a common criminal, like a terrorist. They wanted to break me. They wanted to show the whole world, ‘You see what we do to those who dare to speak against our tyranny? If you will follow … you’re next.’ …That was the most brutal thing. That was Nazi-style, communist-style. Trying to break a man and his family and children by not allowing me to just even say hi after being away for so long.

Pawlowski explained the core of his message, and how the secular government is fighting against it,

Jesus Christ is very clear. He says, ‘Who comes to me is free indeed.’ We preach freedom. We preach hope. When you don’t have hope in society, then the people are turning for that hope to the government. I think the government wants to become God, to be worshiped. And anyone else or anything else that competes with that has to be destroyed.