US found to be ‘most permissive country’ regarding child gender transitions: report

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News

The aggressive push to indoctrinate children with the ideas of gender as a social construct has resulted in the United States being one of the most “permissive” countries in the world when it comes to transgender medical care.

According to “Reassigned,” a report published on January 16, the gender ideology push has driven “the United States to provide transgender medical care to younger children, while Europe goes a safer and more scientific route.”

The study came from Do No Harm, a self-described group of different medical experts who aim to “protect healthcare from a radical, divisive, and discriminatory ideology.”

Spurred by a concern that children are being influenced by a progressive ideology, the organization notes that the medical field has played into the liberal push by allowing it “to compete with or even usurp the scientific method as a guide to research and medical practice.”

“The American approach to transgender medical treatment for children is known as ‘gender affirmation,’ which assumes that gender incongruence can manifest as early as age four and that questioning a minor’s gender self-definition is harmful and unethical,” the report states.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has implemented a so-called “affirm-only/affirm-early policy since 2018.” Do No Harm further comments that this is the standard in most states “despite withering medical and scientific criticism.”

In contrast, many European countries have rejected this standard of treatment despite sharing similar ideals.

The report says “several countries, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland, have explicitly abandoned [the gender-affirming care model for children] in recent years in part due to fear that medical intervention has become overprescribed.”

A 2019 study found on the NIH National Library of Medicine cited by Do No Harm even suggests that only 12-27% of children with “gender dysphoria” have this issue persist into adulthood.

It is worth noting that the Do No Harm study focuses mainly on these sort of treatments for young children, and less so for adolescents. The same study from the NIH Library says young adults “were more likely than children to continue experiencing gender dysphoria into adulthood.”

As far as the international method for dealing with transgender surgeries, Do No Harm says that these European nations will “discourage automatic deference to a child’s self-declarations on the grounds that the risks outweigh the benefits, while also calling for months-long psychotherapy sessions to address co-occurring mental health problems.”

“Overall, our policy review reveals the United States is the most permissive country when it comes to the legal and medical gender transition of children,” the report says.

Do No Harm concludes the write-up of its own report by calling for the U.S. to “reconsider the gender-affirming care model to protect the youngest and most vulnerable patients.”