US, Israeli officials give different opinions on state of ceasefire

by ian

Negotiations on another ceasefire in Gaza are underway, but progress on the deal depends on who you ask.

Over the weekend, officials from both Israel and the U.S. commented on negotiation talks that resumed on Friday. These talks took place in Paris and included negotiators from Egypt, Qatar, and the U.S., three nations involved in crafting the previous ceasefire agreement.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan indicated that there was some positive progress made in these talks. He told CNN’s “State of the Union” over the weekend that he has “hope” the deal can be agreed upon in the coming days.

Sullivan was hesitant to go into detail on this potential ceasefire as a bit of fine-tuning still needed to be done. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu touched on certain parts of the deal that he deemed problematic.

In a different weekend interview, this one on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Netanyahu said that the demands from Hamas in a possible ceasefire were too “crazy” even to consider.

Netanyahu also indicated that a break in fighting wouldn’t satiate one of Israel’s goals, that being the complete elimination of Hamas. He said a deal would only “delay” its future operation into Rafah.

The deal would, in theory, lead to the release of most of the remaining hostages held by Hamas in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.