US military warns of ‘concerning’ alliance among adversaries

by ian


Top military leaders say they are concerned about the growing alliance among America’s enemies.

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee – CENTCOM commander Gen. Michael Kurilla highlighted the threat posed by the growing partnership among China, Russia, and Iran – a partnership he says could have global ramifications.

He explained that Iran has built up an arsenal of suicide drones through oil sales to China and is sending those drones to Russia. He says Russia is using about 100 of these drones in Ukraine each week. Kurilla summed up the situation saying:

What we see is Iran reliant on China and Russia is reliant on Iran. Iran sells 90% of its oil, all U.S. sanctioned, to China.

The international community is also growing weary of the alliance. Last week, the G7 released a statement threatening an international response should Iran give Russia ballistic missiles to use in Ukraine.