US submarine goes to GITMO following arrival of Russian ships in Cuba

by ian

The United States sent a nuclear-powered submarine to Guantanamo Bay following the arrival of a Russian fleet in Cuba.

In a social media statement, the US Southern Command said that it had sent the USS Helena, a fast-attack submarine, to the base as part of a routine port visit. Officials said the submarine was on a regular patrol route and the visit was planned before the announcement that Russian ships would go to Cuba.

On Wednesday, a Russian nuclear submarine and three ships arrived in Cuba as part of an expedition to the Americas. The two countries will reportedly participate in joint air and naval exercises over the weekend before the fleet sails on to other destinations such as Venezuela.

Pentagon officials have said they are not concerned about the show of force and have sent several vessels to shadow the Russian fleet. Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters, “We’ve been tracking the Russians’ plans for this. This is not a surprise.”