Utah school district pulls Bible for younger students

by ian

Another school district just removed the Bible from library shelves, claiming it is inappropriate for kids.

Davis School District in Utah is pulling copies of the King James Bible from its elementary and middle school libraries. A December complaint alleged that the Bible contains pornographic material under a 2022 law concerning sensitive material in schools.

The district review committee didn’t agree, but they did decide the Bible was inappropriate for younger students. It’s still available at district high schools. The 2022 law’s sponsor, State Rep. Ken Ivory, originally dismissed the challenge as a mockery. He’s since reversed course and says “Tradit,ionally, in America, the Bible is best taught, and best understood, in the home … as a family.”

The decision could lead to other school districts in Utah making similar moves. This comes as a Texas school district pulled the Bible from library shelves last year.