Vermont high school replaces football halftime show with drag parade

by Seth Udinski
Vermont high school replaces football halftime show with drag parade

Seth Udinski, FISM News


Last Friday, Burlington High School in Vermont put on a “drag queen parade” as part of the school’s “gender inclusion” initiative. The parade consisted of students and teachers cross dressing and dancing in drag before an excited crowd at the school’s football stadium during halftime of the team’s Friday night homecoming football game. The crowd waved LGBTQ flags and chanted “drag ball” during the show.

The lewd showing is credited to English teacher Andrew LeValley, who crafted the idea of a drag halftime show with the drama department in mind:

We had some people that are pretty involved in theater come in and talk about how you put on a persona. I was just really hoping to give our students — who are both out and the students that were in the stands who are not out — a moment to shine and feel loved, and know that there is a place for them in public schools.

LeValley was also one of the teachers who dressed up for the parade.

This is a horrific development for Christians to witness. The victims of this act, which in reality was another blatant attack by the sexual revolutionaries against biblical truth, are children. These children are dealing with real emotions, and they need to be protected, not misused and tricked into believing that sexual perversion is natural and good.

Perhaps most troubling is the fact that this parade was encouraged and allowed by adults.