Viral TikTok video shows user accusing baby of being ‘transphobic’ 

by mcardinal

Savannah Hulsey Pointer, FISM News 


A now-viral video shared from Tik-Tok to Twitter shows a user accusing a baby of being “transphobic” because of the child’s crying reaction to the user taking off a wig. 

The user, who was not identified but appears to be a male who self-identifies as female, spoke to the camera talking about their interaction with a baby from “work,” where the child, apparently, didn’t have a positive interaction to the person in the video. 

Newsweek reported that the person who made the video claimed the baby was transphobic because the child liked the person with long hair more than short because it made him look more feminine. When the person in the video confronted the child, he began to cry, which the user said he took as being a sign of transphobia.

“I have talked about the transphobic baby at work before,” the user said in the video. “I went in a room with him today and I had my wig on which I took off now because it is like 9 o’clock at night.

“I had a look at him,” the person continues, before pretending to address the baby directly. “‘Do you like me now because we have had a moment, or do you like me now because I have long hair and look more feminine? Because then, you are more transphobic, then he started to cry so that was my answer.”

A number of those who saw the video on the account Libs of TikTok responded negatively to the video, while others asserted that it was “parody,” and still others said they didn’t believe it was actually posted by someone of the LGBTQ community. 

“Ok, this had to be a joke. If not, we are in deep s***. This is genuinely disturbing if this is not satire,” wrote one user.

“Listen to their tone. There is already a deep dislike of that baby,” said another user. “They’re already on the path to justifying harming the baby for its ‘transphobia.” The parents should get a restraining order for the baby’s safety.”

“They should not be working with children,” said another person while a third asked what the user’s account name was, “ wanna reach out to her and pay for her therapy sessions,” the poster said. 

“Is there anyway you can find out what happened to the baby. That video is a red flag for the child’s safety,” said another person while a follow-up comment questioned whether the police could check on the child’s wellness. 

The website LGBTQ Nation claimed the entire video was a joke (though they didn’t have any knowledge of who the person in the video was), and that “right-wingers are melting down,” confirming for the record that “Babies can’t actually be transphobic.” 

It is as yet unclear if LGBTQ Nation speaks for the entire community or if they are offering one opinion, however, they went on to say that, “When a baby acts calm and happy or upset and sad has almost entirely to do with their emotional state rather than their (likely non-existent) feelings on gender identity. In fact, the Mayo Clinic has said that babies don’t even recognize their own or other people’s gender until somewhere between the ages 18 and 24 months.”

While one would hope that this video is parody, the fact that it is unclear shows how far our society has gone in normalizing the trans agenda and calling out anyone who would dare stand in opposition to it.