Virginia Gov. Youngkin urges Lake to drop Arizona challenges

by mcardinal

Willie R. Tubbs, FISM News


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has urged Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake to concede the election to Katie Hobbs. 

As first reported by WRIC-TV – an ABC affiliate in the Greater Richmond, Virginia, area – Youngkin, who drew immense criticism from the left for having campaigned for Lake in the run-up to Election Day, said the time for closure had arrived. 

“I think what’s gonna become clear is as folks work through the exact same process that we worked through in Virginia is that the elections, once they have been fully counted and reviewed, folks need to go ahead and accept the results and move on with them,” Youngkin said. “And that’s what I think once all this process is complete in Arizona, they will understand that.”

As previously reported by FISM, Lake has shown no signs of giving up her fight, which now has taken the form of a lawsuit demanding election records in Maricopa County. 

“This is a hill worth dying on for me,” Lake told former Trump strategist Steve Bannon during an interview. “And I will make it to the top of this hill and I will make it to the top of the next hill. And we will bring about fair elections in this state and in this country.”

As of this writing, Lake has not filed a lawsuit challenging the results of the election, but there is a strong likelihood that she will. 

“I’ve spent over 27 years living here, and I’ve seen the truth in that,” Lake tweeted Saturday. “Living in Arizona is a blessing, and we can’t take it for granted. I know this state is worth fighting for. That’s why I will never stop.”

Importantly, Youngkin did not state that election results should be accepted without question, only that at this point the Arizona election had been properly vetted.

“By the way, processes should be checked to make sure they are correct,” Youngkin told WRIC-TV. “We did the same thing with post-election audits in Virginia. By the way, Virginia’s elections were fair, they were accurate, and the results, I think, reflect an enormous amount from our elections teams both in Richmond and across the Commonwealth.”

Hobbs has been declared the winner by most media observers and welcomed by outgoing Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. The Arizona election is set to be officially certified on Monday.