Voice of America Contractors In Trouble After Releasing “Biden Ad”

by fism

Ian Patrick, FISM News

Tax-payer funded Voice of America is in hot water after a story was released of Presidential candidate Joe Biden that was “deemed too favorable” to his campaign, according to a report from Politico.

A VOA service for Urdu-speaking people did a video and story about Biden that featured a clip from an online event that he did.  The event was focused on reaching out to Muslim Americans to secure a vote.  The clip used in the story was from a “left-leaning 501c(4) group” known as Emgage Action which “has endorsed Biden.”

The four contractors who posted the story are in deep trouble with executives at VOA.  According to the broadcasting network this story was too ad-like and therefore was in violation of their rules for journalism standards.  VOA wanted to fire the four involved but the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the parent organization of VOA, suggested suspension instead.

The USAGM has also launched an investigation into the matter, announcing it in a recent statement.  Worst-case scenario, they are looking into whether this incident may “have constituted U.S. election interference and a violation of federal law.”  Specifically, CEO of USAGM Michael Pack is looking into “who was responsible for this significant content and editorial breakdown.”

Pack had this to say about the matter:

USAGM staff members who attempt to influence American elections will be held accountable. Our networks comprise the U.S.’s megaphone to the world, and this invaluable instrument is generously funded by the American people. To safeguard our agency’s reputation and the integrity of our content, I will continue to ensure that violations of journalistic standards and principles are dealt with swiftly and fairly. This investigation – and, indeed, every action that I have taken since starting my tenure last month – has been to repair USAGM so that, once again, U.S. government international broadcasting advances the American national interest.

You can read the full release from the USAGM here.

Sourced from Politico and USAGM.gov