Voucher program shows increased funding for private, Christian schools

by ian

Voucher programs for schools show increased funding for private, Christian schools.

According to the Washington Post, school choice programs can cover up to $16,000 per student per year for education outside the public school system. Many of these programs completely cover tuition for students who attend private schools.

The Washington Post says that over 700,000 students across five states benefited from these programs this school year. A school choice advocacy group called Ed Choice added another 200,000 private school students benefiting from government aid in the country.

The problem for liberal critics is that many times these students end up choosing religious schools. In states like Ohio and Wisconsin, over 90% of students who receive government funding are enrolled at a private religious school. In Florida, 82% of students attend these schools.

“It’s the parents’ money to use as they see is best, we don’t necessarily see it as taxpayer money,” Brian Hickey, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Ohio, said