Over the years many of you have asked how you can help “enhance the microphone” of FISM. We have been blessed with so many loyal followers who are committed to the vision and mission of the ministry and desire to expand our reach to others who may also benefit from our content. If you are seeking or willing to be a part of this grass-roots campaign, below are five ways that you can dramatically help us:

Social media has become the new (digital) town square. Organizations now have the ability to share ideas and content with people all over the globe instantaneously. Every day FISM posts new content to our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Rumble, Truth Social, and Youtube) to engage our followers and promote our mission.

Every time you engage with, follow, and/or share a post you not only help us by spreading the word about FISM TV to the people who follow you, but you also increase our reach as the algorithms use these metrics to organically push the content to other like-minded people.

With 5 original shows, a 24-hour station, 2 websites, an app, multiple social media accounts, and a streamlined staff, there might be glitches or mistakes that we don’t catch. We are asking that our dedicated followers help us with our quality control by letting us know if you see anything that should be brought to our attention.

Please email [email protected] if you notice any issues that need our attention. This could include glitches on our live feeds, a show that mistakenly repeats an old episode day after day, information that is out of date, etc.

Word of mouth is the most effective way to help us grow. If you are excited about our shows, please talk about it with your friends or email them a link to our website or one of our shows. People are much more likely to watch something if they know someone they know has watched and liked it.

You can also gift a partnership for Financial Issues. For a small cost you can set up a friend or family member to become a biblically responsible investor by giving them access to the buy list and portfolio tracker.

Contact your local radio or tv stations and tell them why they should include our programming on their stations. A good way to do this is to email stations a link to our website and share what it is you love about our programming. Personal testimony from the station’s listeners/viewers goes a long way with station managers.

Send them a link to our media kit.

Please copy [email protected] on emails to stations so that we can follow up with them as well. If you prefer that we reach out directly, please email [email protected] with contact information for stations that would be a good fit for our programming.

Do you know of any shows that align with our mission and would be a good addition to our 24-hour channel? Send a description and link to [email protected]. Are there any experts, content creators, or personalities that you think would make a good guest for one of our shows? Send a description and link to [email protected]

Are there topics or news events that you think we should be covering? Go to our tips page and share it with us.


Help influence culture by supporting FISMTV. We need your help to continue to provide creative Christian TV programming.