West African leaders prep for military intervention in Niger

by Renata

West African leaders ordered the immediate invasion of Niger on Wednesday.

The 15 countries of the regional economic bloc ECOWAS all say they tried and failed to negotiate with the ruling military junta. Now, they say a standby force must be activated “to restore constitutional order in the Republic of Niger.”

The timeline is unconfirmed, but some experts believe that 5,000 troops, led by Nigeria, could be mobilized within weeks.

But Niger is already preparing for war. A grassroots group is attempting to recruit tens of thousands of civilian soldiers, in addition to the country’s 25,000-member army.

Associate Director of Global Counsel Isabelle Trick says the stakes are high, whether or not there is military intervention.

Meanwhile, the treasonous army is threatening to kill ousted President Mohamed Bazoum if outside countries intervene.