West Virginia, Maryland, and Nebresaka hold primaries

by ian


Voters in West Virginia, Maryland, and Nebraska head to the polls today for high-stake primary races – setting up the playing field for the November election.

In Maryland, Republicans are hoping to flip a Senate seat long controlled by Democrats by nominating popular former Gov. Larry Hogan, who is considered the frontrunner for the nomination. Democrats will have to defend 23 out of the 34 Senate seats up for election this November.

Another of those seats is in West Virginia, where Joe Manchin is not seeking reelection. Republicans are feeling confident about picking up his seat, as Donald Trump carried the state in 2020. Term-limited Gov. Jim Justice is favored to win.

Meanwhile, several House seats are also up for grabs. Republican Don Bacon is looking to fend off more conservative challenger Dan Frei in Nebraska’s 2nd District.

Biden swept the district last time around – netting him an electoral vote in the process despite losing the state – due to Nebraska’s unique delegate rules.