White House now opposed to transgender surgeries for kids

by ian

It seems that the Biden administration has finally issued an opinion on transgender surgeries for minors.

In a letter sent to reporters this week, Biden administration officials claimed that the White House is opposed to the procedure – but only those for minors. It still supports the procedure for adults.

The recent opposition to surgeries from minors seemingly contradicts previous statements from the president. For example, Biden called a Florida law banning transgender surgeries for minors “terrible”; and he supported a current lawsuit the DOJ filed against the state of Tennessee that bans transgender surgeries for minors.

But still, the response comes after the New York Times contacted the White House on the issue. Specifically, the Times asked about an interaction between an international transgender organization and U.S. Department of Health Assistant Secretary Admiral Rachel Levine.

That request was to remove age limits for transgender surgeries and treatments supposedly for the benefit of transgender youth.