White House Press Secretary blasts DeSantis over permitless concealed carry law

by ian

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill yesterday, allowing people over age 21 to conceal carry without obtaining an additional permit. The law disqualifies those with felony or misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

The White House and those on the left voiced anger over the passage of the pro-second amendment legislation.

Jean-Pierre blasted DeSantis on Twitter, saying it was shameful to ease restrictions after the most recent school shooting. She stated that the bill was “the opposite of commonsense gun safety.”

She called for Congress to ban assault weapons eliminate gun manufacturer liability, and require background checks for all gun sales, which has been a rallying cry of Democrats.

The exchange shows the widening gap between Democrat and Republican gun policies. The Left frequently blames gun violence and mass shootings on the less restrictive policies of the Right.

Research from the Crime Prevention Research Center, however, found no statistically significant changes in crime rates in states that have passed similar bills in a study released last year.

Conservatives have instead focused on mental health advocacy and stronger school security measures to combat school violence. 

Florida has become the 26th Republican-led state to pass a permitless conceal carry law