White House tells House GOP to ‘get out of the way’ on Ukraine-border funding

by ian


The White House is telling House Republicans to “get out of the way” as tensions continue to rise around Ukraine funding and the border crisis.

The supplemental security request is still stalled and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre accused Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) of playing politics and endangering lives.

She said if Republicans were serious about border security, they wouldn’t have left during December’s negotiations. But the House passed their signature border security bill months before they broke for Christmas recess.

Johnson’s spokesman responded that it’s “completely asinine” that the House is being blamed “for the Senate’s inability to produce a border security bill.” The House Speaker also challenged border czar Vice President Kamala Harris yesterday for failing to stop the border crisis for three years.

He stated her solution is to “grant mass amnesty and spend taxpayer dollars to process – not stop – more illegals.”

Both former President Donald Trump and hardliners are urging Johnson to kill any compromise deal from the Senate.