Why we should stop chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ [Op-Ed]

by mcardinal

Matt Bush, FISM News


On Oct. 2 at a NASCAR race at the Talladega Speedway, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” was born. Unless you have been living under a rock since then, you know that it is a G-rated substitute for a not so G-rated chant that had been going around America.

Since that time, the phrase has taken off both in popularity and in meaning. Many popular politicians on the right, including Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnel, have been tied to the phrase either directly or indirectly and it has become an identifier with which conservative politicians can relate to their voter base.

It is time for that phrase to be retired.

Prior to COVID, when Donald Trump was in office, he was gaining in popularity almost daily. The economy was running like never before, and he was enacting policies and promises that he had made on the campaign trail unlike nearly every other politician before him.

In the midst of his early success, and because there were few legislative or policy-based errors to attack, many Democrats and liberal politicians began to attack the president’s character. The left could not deny the success of his administration as the American people would have seen right through it. Instead, they talked about his cursing, his morals, and they took him to court constantly even trying to remove him from office. 

In turn, conservatives should retire the “Let’s Go Brandon” catchphrase. First of all, the slogan should be beneath us, especially for those who call themselves Christians. A substitute tagline for a prophane phrase is not honoring to God.

Additionally, it isn’t necessary. Unlike Trump there are egregious legislative and policy-based errors to focus on. To use a pithy one-liner diminishes the real damage that Biden is doing to the foundation of our nation. 

Presidents are attacked on their morals, like conservatives did to Clinton, when they are governing well. Presidents are attacked for a made-up character flaws, like liberals accusing George W. of lacking intelligence, when their policies are more popular than one’s own. 

When a president represents the ideals and spirit of the American people, he is able to push an agenda like never before. On the flip-side, when a president makes error after error in legislation, agendas, and decision-making, it should repeatedly be brought to light.

Chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” does only one thing, it distracts Americans from the fact that their President has made few, if any, good decisions since taking office almost a year ago. 

Many conservatives point to what Democrats did to Trump while he was in office as justification for printing the slogan on shirts, sharing it from their podium, and using it as a joke to make fun of a sitting President.

The best thing conservatives can do right now is to leave political stunts in the past. Instead we should focus on inflation and the economy, CRT in schools, Roe v Wade, states’ rights, and a more balanced approach to the COVID pandemic. These are legitimate differences that will allow conservatives to win at the polls.

If conservatives keep chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” they are no better than the liberals who attacked Trump for character flaws and moral failures, both real and made-up. Democrats needed Trump to have these flaws because his policies were winning.

As we look forward to mid-term elections, conservatives should focus on those policies and leave “dirty politics” to a party that needs them to win because, because as the polls repeatedly show, Republicans do not.