Wildfire Near Los Angeles Prompts Evacuations

by davidscott

Ian Patrick, FISM News


A fire broke out in Lake Hughes, located near Los Angeles, on Wednesday. The California Fire Department is still working on containing the blaze, some of which have ignited areas that have not caught fire since 1968. There is currently no known cause of the now-dubbed Lake Fire.

California firefighters were hoping to contain the blaze by Thursday when temperatures were to rise. Thunderstorms and breezes early morning Thursday helped to mitigate the blaze, but it still rages on. A heatwave is also expected to last for the weekend that could create some difficulty for the response teams.

Evacuations were put in place for about 100 homes, and The Guardian reports that at least 3 indeterminate structures have burned down. No injuries are reported or known to have occurred.

The L.A. County Fire Department’s Robert Garcia noted during a press briefing on Thursday that a management team is out to help contain the spread. However, Garcia said that this will be “a major fire for several days.”

The Fire Department is also handling another major fire, called the Ranch 2 Fire, which has also not been contained.


Sourced from The Guardian, CBS News, and Twitter @LACoFDPIO


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