World marks 6 months since Israel-Hamas war began

by ian

The world marked a grim milestone on Sunday as six months have officially passed since the deadly terror attack on Israel.

The October 7th attack from Hamas resulted in the bloodiest attack on Jews since the Holocaust, ending in around 1,200 deaths and over 200 hostages taken. Now, a half-year later, the world is reflecting on the resulting war, which has been divisive among Americans in particular.

Voices have risen within the U.S. calling for everything from a sovereign state for Palestinians to the eradication of Hamas and the fulfillment of Israel’s military goals. One of the most recent voices is House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.).

In a post on Sunday, Speaker Johnson spoke in Israel’s defense. He said that since the October 7th massacre:

…it’s been appalling to watch anti-Israel rhetoric and support for an unconditional cease-fire grow among Democrats in Washington, even as Hamas holds 130 Israelis and Americans hostage in Gaza.

He continued:

House Republicans remain clear-eyed about who the enemy in this fight is, and we will not stop working and praying until each of the hostages is returned home. Today, of all days, Washington must be united in our support for our great ally, Israel, as they fight for their sovereignty and right to exist. It’s time to stop lecturing Israel on how it should best defend itself and begin equipping our friend with the resources necessary to eliminate the threat of Hamas, once and for all.

Johnson’s words on the hostages hit especially close to home on the anniversary. Although some progress has been made in releasing the captives, many remain in the clutches of Hamas. The New York Post spoke with the parents of one of these hostages – 23-year-old Hersh Goldberg-Polin.

A dual US-Israeli citizen, Hersh was one of the many kidnapped at the music festival on October 7th and is still being held by the terror group. His parents, Rachel and Jon, told the Post that they are upset with the delay in his rescue. But Rachel said that, no matter what, they must “not get discouraged.”