Would the Founding Fathers Approve? Rasmussen Report

by mcardinal

Michael Cardinal, FISM News


A recent Rasmussen poll asked respondents how they think the founding fathers would view America today. On the eve of our celebration of Independence Day it is an interesting concept.

If Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams could step into the 21st century, what would they say about the state of the nation of which they laid the framework? One of the marks of genius of these early patriots was the fact that they gave solid statutes in a way that could grow with our nation. However, one must ask – have we held true to their vision for our country?

The poll showed that the majority of those who answered believe that they would be ashamed of the 2021 version of America. Out of 1,000 individuals polled 41% said they would view America as a failure, 34% said they would view America as a success, and 25% were undecided. This marks a significant downturn in public opinion as only a year ago, 40% said that our forefathers would view America as being a success.