Yarl shooting draws attention to similar incidents

by Faith Duncan

A trio of gun shootings in recent days involving young Americans who tragically showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time has sparked concern and controversy at the same time.

Just two days ago, two Texas cheerleaders were shot after one mistakenly tried to get into the wrong car. She immediately left upon realizing her mistake, but the owner of the car approached the girls and began firing. One girl was treated on the scene while the other is still in the ICU.

On Saturday, an upstate New York homeowner fired upon a group of young people who were turning their cars around in the driveway after realizing it was the wrong address. 20-year old Kaylin Gillis was tragically killed by one of the shots.

These untimely shootings follow the highly publicized shooting of Ralph Yarl. This Missouri teen approached the wrong home and was shot twice by the 84-year-old homeowner. Yarl is now home and recovering. Homeowner Andrew Lester pled not guilty yesterday, claiming he lived alone and was scared due to Yarl’s size.

Some conservatives are criticizing the president and mainstream media for highlighting the shooting of Yarl over the other tragedies.