Young Adults Favor Moving To Southern, Western States and Cities: Study

by ian

Ian Patrick, FISM News


It appears as though more young adults are moving out of “big cities” like New York City and Chicago, and moving into cities like Austin or Denver.

According to financial technology company SmartAsset, in 2019 adults between the ages of 25 and 39 moved further away from the aforementioned traditional big cities in favor of other cities in Texas, Colorado, and Washington. It also shows this demographic typically favoring these Southern and Western states over the Northeastern U.S. region. In their data set, SmartAsset used Census Bureau information for all 50 states and 180 of the biggest U.S. cities.

The top states that most of this demographic moved to are Texas, Colorado, Washington, and Arizona in that order. The rest of the states can be seen in the chart below, as well as how many of the population that made the move.

According to the data set, over 187,000 people in that age range moved into Texas while about 154,000 left. This left a net gain of over 33,000 as represented by the chart, and still showed more of this age group moving into Texas than in the other top 10 states. SmartAsset interestingly notes that Colorado has “the biggest portion of the population, at 23.26%.”

Cities differ slightly from the states. Major cities in Washington and Arizona beat out Austin, Texas while Denver, Colorado tops the list with a huge bump in the 25 to 39 year-old group. Similarly to theis demographic making up almost a quarter of the population in Colorado itself, about 33% of this demographic make up the total population in Denver alone.